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Introducing FotoHub’s Covid-19 Cartoon Series

FotoHub’s COVID-19 cartoon series comprises of several lighthearted doodles inspired by our real-life day to day moments taken amid the global pandemic in Singapore. From washing our hands and wearing masks, people hoarding for supplies in the supermarket, social distancing, staying and working from home, and many more. We aim to bring positivity and some laughs as we are handling and adapting to this situation.

The following are 3 of our feature products for the Covid-19 cartoon series:

Order Mug.jpg coaster-test.jpg puzzle-test.jpg

Below is the preview of some of our cartoon series doodles, hope you will like it:


Personalise your gift to someone by visiting our gifts page. Choose between mug, coaster or puzzle and select the Covid-19 cartoon series special edition theme. Once in the gift editor page, you may able to choose the cartoon you want to print by clicking the clipart icon at the sidebar and expand the Covid-19 Cartoon tab. Below screencast for your reference:

Cartoon Gifts Editor Tutorial


We at FotoHub hope everyone can stay positive, keep calm and stay healthy. We will overcome the situation together.

Keep Calm and Stay Healthy

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