The FotoHub Quality

Where cherished traditional craftsmanship meets state of the art technology

Our Photobooks are printed on High Definition Quality using the latest

Canon DreamLabo 5000


HD Quality

Your photos will jump-off-the-page and appear three dimensional all thanks to the 2,400 dpi High Definition Microprinting


HD Colour

With 7 dye-based inks, your photos enjoy a spectrum of colours, never seen before in a print or photobook


HD Text

The text produced is so sharp that even when it is too small for the naked eye to read; it can still be clearly read when under a magnifying glass


HD Paper

A truly feel-good quality! The moment you feel the pages of your HD prints or Photobooks, you’ll be reminded of reliving the images you’ve captured.

FotoHub Craftsmanship

The FotoHub craftsmanship has been honed to perfection over more than 3 decades in the business. Our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen take great pride in their work and pay the greatest attention up to the smallest details in their works of art. Get to know more about us.