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Digital Passport Photos Icon FotoID – Digital Passport Photos

Need to take your passport photos quickly and in good quality? Our retail outlets can provide both prints and digital copies of your passport photos. We have many retail store locations all across Singapore, so drop by any one of our shops near you to have your passport photos taken.

Digital Passport Photos
Description Price
Digital Photo Taking (6pcs PP size / Softcopy) S$ 11.00
Topup 6pcs PP size / Softcopy +S$ 3.50
Infant Photo Taking +S$ 5.00
Reprint from digital file / negative (min. 6pcs PP size) S$ 8.00
Change of background color min. S$ 5.00
Save to CD + S$ 1.00

Video Tapes to DVD Conversion Icon Video Tapes to DVD Conversion

Have many old precious video tapes kept inside your cabinets? We can help you convert your video tapes (HS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini DV) to DVD. You will be able to preserve the memories captured much longer and view them easily on your DVD player or computer.

Video Tape to DVD Conversion
Duration of Video Price
1st 30 mins S$ 30.00
Subsequent 30 mins
S$ 10.00
Combining Of Tapes
+S$ 5.00/tape
AVI/MP4 Format (To provide own external hdd)
+S$ 10.00/hour
Media Cleaning
S$ 10.00/media

Film Processing with Prints Icon Film - Process / Scan / Print

We scan your film negatives and process them with Fujifilm C41, which you can then print them into photos.

Film Processing with Prints
Type 35mm 120mm
Process Only
S$ 6.00 S$ 6.00
Process + 4 Base Scan
S$ 12.90 S$ 18.90
Upgrade to 16 Base JPG
+S$ 3.00 +S$ 3.00
Upgrade to 16 Base TIFF
+S$ 7.00 +S$ 7.00
Process + 4 Base Scan + 4R Print
S$ 21.90 -

*Scanned images will be emailed within 3 working days
Save to CD: +S$ 1.00